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Banner Advertising

Buy an advert on any of our web pages and let your business be seen by thousands of our visitors. Business owners and affiliates may take this opportunity to attract traffic to their website, blog or affiliate link.

We offer Banner Advertisements placed in various locations throughout the site.  Banner Ads are images or animated images in jpg, jpeg, bmp or gif format. Below is an example of the some of the sizes of banner advert we accept. We are however flexible in terms of size and will look to place adverts in strategic locations to gain the most interest.

If you are interested in banner advertising then please email us at:

Advertorial / Sponsored Post

This refers to a sponsored article that is written by the advertiser or WET magazine. The content is something that is related to the magazine but also important to the advertiser. This has wins for both sides, as the article will be on the magazine for the foreseeable future, which benefits the advertiser, it also gives WET new content ideas and topics.

If you are interested in having a sponsored post on our magazine then please email us at:

Sponsored Tweets/Sponsored Facebook shares

We have active social media accounts on all the major social networks. Our following is engaged and loyal. As part of our advertising efforts we will produce a sponsored post on behalf of our advertisers.

If you are interested in sponsor social media posts then please email us at:

Product reviews

Do you have a new or existing product that you would like to promote and advertise to our engaged readership? WET magazine is the perfect platform for you to get your product reviewed. Our readers are engaged and love to hear about new products on the market.

If you are interested in having your product reviewed by WET magazine then please email us at:

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