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One of the best DJ’s to come out of the New York City area, Mr. V, also known as Victor Font, discusses his take on beginnings, life and music! He’s a cool, laid-back, Puerto Rican kid from Manhattan’s L.E.S. (Lower East Side) who’s established himself as a legendary DJ and producer. His music is heard, and remains in high demand, the world over. Wherever he’s playing — from England to Indonesia, Italy to Dubai, or even my very own home town of Miami, Mr. V – spins at the hottest parties. In 2001 he and his partner, Alix Alvarez, launched their own record label Sole Channel Music. And in 2006, they later released their very first album titled, “Welcome Home.”

I’ve known Victor for over fifteen years and attending one of his parties have definitely been some of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve ever had. When Mr. V is behind that dJ booth, you immediately have the urge to get up and just – move. I compare myself to the little penguin featured in the motion picture, Happy Feet – I just can’t stop long after the music has. In the spirit of sharing all things “good,” I couldn’t pass-up the chance to go behind the scenes with such a limitless talent.

Jo-Ann: I’m sure many of our readers who are also house music fans want to know why, and when, did you get your start in music?

Mr. V: [I] first started getting into Dj’ing in [19]92 or [19]93. I would practice at Lord G’s mom’s house since he’s the only one on the block that had equipment. I never took it seriously.

Jo-Ann: When you started whose records did you play the most?
M r. V: I put out a lot of “Masters at Work” stuff because I worked there and obviously I was getting it for free.

Masters at Work is the production team of the highly acclaimed team of Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope.

Jo-Ann: Would you please explain what a “House Head” is?

Mr. V.: (chuckles) A house head is an individual…person…male or female, who is musically open to all genres of house. Not just one.

Jo-Ann: What’s the difference between House, Deep House, Electronica and Techno? People tend to lump it all in one genre but I believe there is a difference.

Mr. V: Of course there is a major difference, there are so many genres now and different avenues…and it’s getting harder and harder to really define it. It’s not the same as before.

Jo-Ann: You said “it’s getting hard to define it.” To me house is a feeling, how do you describe the music to someone that is not as into “it” or knows nothing about it.

Mr. V: It’s something you can’t describe it’s something you have to experience. [A] Perfect example (pauses)…I can’t stand Reggeton or Freestyle music, but it took me… [going] to a Reggeton concert and to a freestyle concert to understand the huge love for it. There was something there that I understood. When you are in that moment and when you see it at its core and when you see the energy that people get from it, you get a different experience than you would by yourself. It’s all about experience. You have to be open minded.

Jo-Ann: I know that you’re from the L.E.S, but I have to ask, what’s your first love House or Hip Hop?

Mr. V: First love is House. Always.

Jo-Ann: Do you like making music or playing music?

Mr. V: Making music. I’m more into production now. I’d rather produce records.

Jo-Ann: Tells us about Club Moxa in Italy.

Mr. V: I’ll be in Italy at Club Moxa once a month beginning this weekend with Africa Bambata. I”ll be there once a month until next year. It’s a beautiful club!

Jo-Ann: What’s the one piece of advice you give to all the up-and-coming DJ’s out there?

Mr. V: To be passionate about what they do and practice, practice, practice. Use the media outlets and networking sites to get your music out there.

Jo-Ann: Mr. V thanks so much for sharing your time with me.
As I hang up the phone and turn off the tape recorder I notice that, “Let’s get Jazzy,” from Mr. V’s debut album “Welcome Home” is playing. I realized, after all the year’s vibing to house music, it still continues to be my first love.

Written by Jo-Ann Rodriguez

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