Artist Reinier Gamboa Uncovered

I continue to believe that Miami holds an infinite amount of resources, specifically the untapped talents of local artists.  I first came across Reinier’s work at the Moksha Art Festival during Art Basel in December 2010.  I was immediately attracted to his art because of the imagery and mixture of fantasy with history and religion.  A lot of his pieces where representations of Native American Indians through his eyes.  So clearly it was my pleasure to have the opportunity of interviewing him and getting a better understanding of his work and the inspiring person behind the brush.

Christina: What is your full name?

Reinier:  Reinier Gamboa

Christina:  Where were you born? Where to do you live now?

Reinier:  Camaway, Cuba; Miami, Florida

Christina:  Your 2002-2005 period seems like an exploration of life and death and the decay of the process, are we correct?

Reinier:  It’s a continuing theme. The whole process is about destroying and creating.  Out of destruction comes creation. It’s life itself.  It’s life and death. It’s observing the way the mind works.  So I feel like, in order to progress and develop as a human being I have to guide to certain patterns that I follow.

Christina:  Your 2006–2010 period seems more political, this is where the Indians and women are more readily depicted. What happened for you to transcend from what seemed like an exploration of yourself and the process of unraveling into a more outward muse, like women and the Indian culture?

Reinier:  With a change in the environment came a change in interest.  I started diving more into the history of this country and the people that were here before.  I wasn’t consciously thinking about destruction, but it is always a constant.

Christina:  Who are the people in depicted in your works; are they actual people?

Reinier:  A combination.  People I’ve known that I’ve found interesting during my research.  Some of them are hybrids.  Different aspects of different people.

Christina:  Where do you go for inspiration? And if no where, then how are you usually inspired?

Reinier:  Inside myself. I re-influence my dreams so I try to consciously try to remember as much as I can. Especially for me, the process has been more engaging. The more effort I put into it ,the more I get out of it.

Christina:  Do you have a process? Dim lights? Bright lights? No distractions? Tons of distractions, music, etc….?

Reinier:  Distractions: I like them. I enjoy also, being completely alone.

Christina:  Do you have a first love? Explain, if either a person or passion.

Reinier:  Person. This is a reoccurring person in my painting.  It’s my girlfriend in California.

Christina:  What do you love most about the human spirit?

Reinier:  The spiritual journey.

Christina:  What you do think will be our next evolution shift, as humans?

Reinier:  It’s nothing not a new idea, it’s just how, for example, the idea of unity, I think when more people begin to accept that, the unity is basically everything, …energy, we as humans we put out a lot of boundaries.  You have to take that and apply it everything.

Christina:  What is your favorite part of the human anatomy?

Reinier:  The face.  It is so telling you can see so much in the face

Christina:  If you were commissioned by one of our WET readers to create a work of art, how would you focus intention in order to capture the best part of him/her?

Reinier:  I would like to get to know that person in order to get a better sense of what they are looking for.  I would research them.  The more they commissioned me, the more I will talk and get to know them.

Christina:  Thank you so much for your time.

Reinier:  Thank you.

Written by:  Christina I’lene







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