Highlight on Elizabeth Garay

It was such a pleasure to work with Elizabeth. She is not only extremely talented and driven but also professional and reliable. She did such an amazing job and it is a pleasure to have her on our team here at WET Magazine. She has all the qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur and

WET MagazineHighlight on Elizabeth Garay
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Hatting with “La China Loca”

I will admit that next to bags and shoes, hats are one of my favorite accessories.  In fact, one of my favorite hats is a pony hair leopard print I purchased when I was in high school at Patricia Fields in NYC’s West Village.  The deliciously furry beast sat on my wall above the closet,

WET MagazineHatting with “La China Loca”
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Incorporating accessories may be an essential element to any attire. Keep in mind, over-accessorizing may break or make your outfit. Simplicity is key when putting together an outlandish ensemble. Fashion Legend, Coco Channel stated, “It’s the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.” Scarves are an accessory many

WET MagazineTimeless
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