Dustin Helton


Name: Dustin Helton

Age: Wouldn’t you Like to Know! Or…. Legal

Sexual Preference: Women (but not women who used to be men)

Occupation: Actor, Model, co-owner of Crawdaddy Productions, Sole Proprietor

Height: 6’0 (6’4 with my hair blown out)

Relationship Status: Single for the first time in 6 years

Astrological Sign:  Aquarius

Nationality:  Unknown! Dunt-dunt-daaa!

Biggest turn on: A lady that’s an open book with an attractive cover, food and deep eye contact

Biggest turn off:  I don’t like women that worry about the impression they leave with people they’ll never see again.  We are either proud of who we are or we aren’t.  A woman who wants to talk only about herself for such an extended period of time.

Fun Fact: I’m an American Idol… but only in the shower where the acoustics are really good, and no one else can hear

Interests/Hobby: I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin Chinese for non-subtitled kung fu movies… Because I need to know why they are fighting.  My goal is to learn to say, “How’s it going?” “tell me more” “Where’s the bathroom?” “Damn girl, you’re sexy?” in every language

Life motto: “You never lose by loving.  You always lose by holding back.”

Facebook: wwww.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6818067

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