Miss Patty

Miss Patty - Nobody Else

In the middle of her hectic day I caught up with Miss Patty of Sole Channel music as she’s putting the finishing touches on her new album scheduled to be released later this month. She shares with us how she she juggles her many titles, mom, wife, singer, songwriter and performer.

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The Appeal of Cannibalism

Is there anything more tempting than the promise of ascension to godhood? I found myself asking this, and many more questions, while reading The Art of Seduction. It is a masterful example of the undeniable attractiveness of the “how to” books that seem to saturate society today. Robert Greene (Author of the Best Selling book The 48 Laws of Power) once again, exhibit’s a keen and persuasive mind, by making a case for seduction that draws from the very origins of human society.

WET MagazineThe Appeal of Cannibalism
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Artist Reinier Gamboa Uncovered

I continue to believe that Miami holds an infinite amount of resources, specifically the untapped talents of local artists.  I first came across Reinier’s work at the Moksha Art Festival during Art Basel in December 2010.  I was immediately attracted to his art because of the imagery and mixture of fantasy with history and religion.  A lot of his pieces where representations of Native American Indians through his eyes.  So clearly it was my pleasure to have the opportunity of interviewing him and getting a better understanding of his work and the inspiring person behind the brush.

WET MagazineArtist Reinier Gamboa Uncovered
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Mr. V

One of the best DJ’s to come out of the New York City area, Mr. V, also known as Victor Font, discusses his take on beginnings, life and music! He’s a cool, laid-back, Puerto Rican kid from Manhattan’s L.E.S. (Lower East Side) who’s established himself as a legendary DJ and producer. His music is heard, and remains in high demand, the world over. Wherever he’s playing — from England to Indonesia, Italy to Dubai, or even my very own home town of Miami, Mr. V – spins at the hottest parties. In 2001 he and his partner, Alix Alvarez, launched their own record label Sole Channel Music. And in 2006, they later released their very first album titled, “Welcome Home.”

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