Everyone gets paid….EXCEPT YOU!

How would you feel if worked hard to get to where you wanted to go in life, but were subjected to a totally different set of rules than the rest of the people in your country? If for you to be in this country you could live there for free, but was not allowed to support yourself from your own hard work. If the country you lived in made a tremendous amount of money from you and your work. Now what if your country was part of an organization (similar to that of the United Nations), which made billions of dollars from people just like you. For your free labor, for allowing you to live in the country, they made not millions but billions from your blood, sweat and tears. You might think that this sounds like slavery. You might think that sounds like it occurred 100 years ago. No this is happening today.

WET MagazineEveryone gets paid….EXCEPT YOU!
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A Different View on Sports

A Different View on Sports For the most part, as a female executive, it is not likely that you are currently involved in playing a sport. The closest you may come to this is perhaps, transporting your child to and from an extracurricular sporting activity in-between your already hectic schedule.  In fact other than maybe

WET MagazineA Different View on Sports
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South Florida Boxing

Hello – my name is Jolie Glassman I was born in LA & grew up here in South Florida. I have been in the fitness industry since I was 15 years old (so over 20 years). I started out working in gyms & I taught aerobics (step, group, spinning) & was a personal trainer all

WET MagazineSouth Florida Boxing
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