Interview with Dustin Helton

You may have caught a glimpse of our June Cover Model Dustin Helton from a few T.V. commercials or from Mexican singer and bombshell “Lucero’s” Music video and we had the honor of meeting and working with him fresh off his Miami filming of her video. Besides his amazing smile and hot to death body, what pulls you in and entices you about Dustin is his amazing sense of humor and you can see exactly what I mean in his interview.  But don’t be fooled by that cute smile because underneath it all lies.

Q. Tell our Wet reader’s a little bit about you. How would you describe yourself and your journey?
A. I am 5th generation from where I grew up. My great-grandfather is 95% John Dillinger, but then again whose isn’t? I got cut from the baseball team my sophomore year. My grandmother, like a little Yoda [Star Wars reference], convinced me to do a musical and afterward I went on a spiritual journey east, and to the lands of foreign spices. Once, I came back barely understanding “the Force” I found a great “Jedi Master,” Dr. James Earl Mumford. He refined me like a flame does the sword, but at this time I feel deeply in love. I lived a life of peace and harmony. I found solace and harmony, working under Dr. Dale Guyer at the Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine. Bringing life to man and being a student to life made me feel complete. One day I walked away realizing that there were greater things happening than you and me. I suddenly entered the next stage of my life, to save men from mediocrity and women from losing their hopes and dreams.

Q. Are you single?
A. That depends on who you ask. I’m not married, if that’s what you mean?

Q. If you are single, do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
A. I like relationships that don’t seem like work. I don’t want to be a part of anything that’s all apologies and explanations.

Q. What do you like to do on your free time?
A. Depends on where I am. Sometimes I may or may not ask random people awkward questions just to see how they respond, pretend I’m a ninja and sneak up on strangers and occasionally I’ll fake call myself and start arguing on the phone in different accents, just so I can get out of whatever precarious situation I accidently got in. Its amazing what you can get away with if you just say, “Oh, this is really important business, I’ll just be a sec.”

Q. Do you have kids?
A. I don’t, but how many versions of me do we really need running around?

Q. Qualities you look for in a woman?
A. Sexy, smart enough to get my jokes and understands that I probably wasn’t paying attention

Q. Your thoughts/beliefs on marriage.
A. Don’t force it. The way people get married today? I’ll take that step when I’m ready to get rid of half of my stuff.

Q. Your thoughts on the “independent women” of today?
A. If I can order surf-n-turf and hand the bill right (over) to her, then, “You go girl!” You are woman and I hear your roar!

Q. Are you doing what you dreamed you would be doing as a kid?
A. I am in my free time. I really wanted to be a Ninja, and work at Chucky Cheese. Kind of like…how Batman was Bruce Wayne during the day.

Q. When did you become involved in modeling?
A. I did a workshop last August with the casting director of (the movie) “The Notebook.” He told me I could work full time in New York with print. I always thought that male models were kind of emasculated. Then I realized, “Who am I to be too good to take someone’s money if they want to take my picture?” Can I show you my new look? It’s called Blue Steel

Q. Who are your role models in the industry?
A. Chuck Norris. Don’t think about it, just accept it and move on.

Q. Where would you like to take your modeling career?
A. Somewhere sunny, tan, and loose with the clothing rules.

Q. Are you interested in acting as well?
A. Actually I make a majority of my living from acting. Maybe soon I’ll start to actually get good at it? Is this where I get to shamelessly plug my reel?

Q. Who would you love to work with? Photographers, models and or actors?
A. Can I say Chuck Norris twice? Google it!

Q. What current projects are you working on/towards right now?
A. I never talk about my work until after I have it in my hands. So many things happen from pre-production to the end of post that if something falls through I look like a liar. So I’ll just stick to living the dream one moment at a time, and not charging extra for awesomeness.


WET MagazineInterview with Dustin Helton

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