Interview with Richard LeCoin

If you find yourself staring at Richard LeCoin’s images longer than you expected, you’re not alone. It’s okay to stare. What you’re looking at in front of you is a ripened form of a man, and WET magazine’s first ever cover model, as voted by you! And what WET readers love about Richard, surpasses the physique of his body and mischievous schoolboy smile. This Haitian model is best known for, his entrance into the modeling world. The tale is an astounding one as he sat down with this eager writer, to reveal to the reader why, once joining the ranks of the modeling world, he continues to remain a force to be reckoned with.

This twenty-nine year-old postal-worker, massage therapist and model, is a native of and raised in, Haiti. Richard began taking on the role of father figure at a very early age. Due to the passing of his late father, he was thrust into this role, on behalf of his mother and younger sister. Then, when he was thirteen, he then found himself driving and working to care of his family’s daily needs. He explained, “I became a [pseudo] husband to my mom and a father to my sister. Even today it’s hard not to be over-protective of my sister.” This handsome man with a gruff voice, and perfectly seductive accent, managed to support his family and still found time to take ball-room dancing with his mother – all while making straight-A’s throughout his grade school and college career.

While discussing his mother, who passed away from Breast Cancer last February, Richard fondly remembers her, all the while smiling, and says that she was his motivation through most of his difficult times. Who among us hasn’t questioned making it through the day? For Richard, it was easy to look for guidance from his ever-optimistic mother, who he felt, seemed to keep going by motivating him, and others, to be their best even though she had it the worst.

After his mother’s passing, Richard moved to Miami to pursue his goal of modeling. Still, he remains modest and level headed, insisting that he’s, “not perfect” and that modeling is not, “something [he] want[s] to do full time.” No, Richard has other goals that he wants to explore, but explains that he finds the modeling industry enjoyable in many ways. And the model wants to make clear that it is best to diversify one’s employment potential and dabble in many fields. This explains why, despite his burgeoning career, Richard wishes to pursue a degree that molds psychology and massage therapy together. He knows that whatever road he takes, it will undoubtedly include helping people in the ways he knows best, through the mind and body. And the WET readers know what a beautiful mixture that is.

It is clear that Richard’s excitement for life, lead to his deeper sense of curiosity on things. He particularly finds interesting how the power of lighting and skills of his stylists help create perspective, “A stylist will sometimes put you in something you’d never wear and it somehow looks great.” This, he studies, is completely fascinating.  And in the past few months Richard has begun to also explore the feeling of being behind the camera as he ads photography to his list of many talents.

When I asked him how he feels about being continually judged on his physical appearance, something the average woman empathizes with, Richard explains, that he doesn’t let it bother him. In an industry where looks plays a pivotal role in your success, Richard says, “Literally anyone can model. Even in fitness magazines they need that fat person to be [in] the before picture!” But, he says that a healthy confidence in oneself is instrumental and that, oftentimes, knowing the politics in the industry is more important than mere looks.

Due to a wide response by the WET Mag reader (as witnessed by the overwhelming votes Richard received), most women are wondering if the very attractive, smart and ambitious model is, “Available?!” Richard insists that if a woman were compatible with him, she would no-doubt embody the qualities he admired in his mother: a strong independence, giving spirit and drive for success no matter her goals. And judging from his smile, it looks like getting what he wants, wouldn’t be a difficult feat for him. But he has, on occasion, been taken advantage of, “I’m too nice!” he says. Richard has been known to go all out for folks he knows would not return the favor. Oh Richard, please understand that our readers would do just about anything for you!

But, just how does this multi-faceted model keeps his sanity? Every year, he and his friends, “take a manly trip to any given destination around the world, to broaden [their] horizons, relax and forget whatever drama is left at home. [They] will [continue] do this every year until [they] die!” He says that experiences like those are essential in order to maintain one’s sanity in the world of constant work.

Richard embodies the spirit and confidence of the proverbial saying that, “Hard work always pays off!” He says, “I know there is nothing that I want to do that I can’t do, so it is a matter of just doing the work.” He believes that investing the time and energy in pursuing your goals is a priority for those who are lucky to know what they want in life. And Richard has definitely put in the “hard work” since an early age.

A shining representation of a giving man, the embodiment of what the WET reader looks for and mainly, an individual who is determined to create success through hard work, regardless of the difficulty and hardship he has endured. Yes, Richard LeCoin is WET Magazines first cover model and will remain the type of model we will strive to continue to feature for our audience. He knows his path, is a good man and human being.

Written by:  Fatima Hussein

WET MagazineInterview with Richard LeCoin

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