Graduation Rates – A National Problem

Written by Syl Peterkin Nobody plans to be dropout but the reality is more than 1/3rd of all students do! Most students don’t have a plan to drop out, but realistically it does happen for a number of reasons. People lose their scholarships (because of a bad grades, etc.), grants are dropped, family situations change

WET MagazineGraduation Rates – A National Problem
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A Simple Plan for College!

By Syl Peterkin Where to Begin Higher Education is a maze with changes made every year, due to the myriad of rules and policies that leave parents with a headache. With thousands of colleges available to choose from, 4,000 just in the United States alone, where does someone start? First off, find out what your

WET MagazineA Simple Plan for College!
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Should school replace home?

As a veteran teacher, I have had to wrestle with answering the question, “Should school replace home?” Though perplexing, the only answer that I could come up with is, “Yes…and no.” Why should school replace home? In the twenty first century, children have access to more influences and information than ever before. They are exposed

WET MagazineShould school replace home?
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