Who is in Control? The Power of Attraction

The ability to attract another human is not unique to our species. All animals engage in mating rituals in order to attract a partner and produce offspring. Therefore, underneath our attraction towards beautiful people, there may be an evolutionary reason. What is unique to our species though is the extent to which our society grants untold powers to the ideal of physical beauty or attractiveness.

WET MagazineWho is in Control? The Power of Attraction
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Making love versus having sex

There is a major difference between making love and having Sex. Making Love consist of passion, chemistry, affection, sometimes love is involved also. Making Love does not have to consist of two people who love each other but in my opinion two people can make love and not be in love. The action is a cross between fourplay and slow sensuality. Making love does not rush penetration, it involves feelings and emotions, it can consist of soft sensual music, rose petals, kissing of the entire body, and taking your time. Woman need that affection they need there bodies to be explored and made love to.

WET MagazineMaking love versus having sex
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When it comes to relationships, everyone has their own biases and opinions based either on past bitter experiences or having been in a long-term relationship. Yet, there is a plethora of research that can offer some advice instead of relying on hearsay or people’s past negative experiences. Recent research gives advice on knowing if your relationship will last or not. How you start discussions with your partner is absolutely vital in determining your future prospects together.

WET MagazineRelationships
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Breaking a Personal Taboo

Written by: Serafina Angeles All around the world in every culture, people have to follow certain prescribed rules of social conduct and personal behavior. These prescriptions can be laws put in place by governments and societies. Additionally, they can be rules of moral conduct established by religious institutions, communities, or the family unit. We all

WET MagazineBreaking a Personal Taboo
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Death of the homemaker

Written by Paul Goodrich Abby introduces me to her “gay friend“, Jack.  He’s five foot two, balding, and built like a hobbit.  Before I can get a word out, he’s dashing through her apartment scribbling in a hot-pink notepad that reads “Sexy Bitch” in red glitter. Abby whispers in my ear that he’s the best

WET MagazineDeath of the homemaker
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You don’t necessarily have to be single to be alone on Valentine’s Day, maybe your husband or boyfriend is away, or you’re in a long distance relationship. Whatever the situation might be I suggest we ladies get a little naughtier this year and let loose. Don’t be afraid to get wet, try something new with our alone time. Buy yourself a special Toyfriend !  To help you get inspired here are some of my personal favorites.

WET MagazineToyfriends
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Vibrators and the Super Dildo

Batteries. I needed a fresh pack of the long lasting coppertop, for my long lasting needs.  My boyfriend was out of town and I needed to refresh the magic found in my vibrator.  Last night, in the middle of a massive one-hour climax session, I had to pull out (pun intended) my trusty, yet old-fashioned

WET MagazineVibrators and the Super Dildo
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Protecting Yourself After an Abusive Relationship

Our intimate relationships are often the most important. Solid, fulfilling and loving relationships not only provide us with joy and happiness, they also support our careers, inspire us to achieve our goals and provide us with deeper self-awareness. Healthy relationships contain characteristics of friendship, honesty, trust, loyalty and mutual respect, the converse of which is

WET MagazineProtecting Yourself After an Abusive Relationship
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To Prenup or Not to Prenup

The legal definition of a prenuptial agreement is: 1) a contract 2) between two people who are about to marry 3) regarding their respective property and support rights 4) upon termination of the marriage 5) by divorce or death, and sometimes regarding property rights during the marriage. So here you are completely and utterly in

WET MagazineTo Prenup or Not to Prenup
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Cupid says…Gentlemen, Cook it, she’ll love it and like you even more..!!!!

Gentlemen, right off the bat this is what I have to say to you. I am by no means a relationship expert (Steve Harvey – umm, may have to rethink that later) so if you’re looking to round bases that may very well depend on your game or just getting plain lucky on Valentine’s Day. If you

WET MagazineCupid says…Gentlemen, Cook it, she’ll love it and like you even more..!!!!
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