Making love versus having sex

There is a major difference between making love and having Sex. Making Love consist of passion, chemistry, affection, sometimes love is involved also. Making Love does not have to consist of two people who love each other but in my opinion two people can make love and not be in love. The action is a cross between fourplay and slow sensuality. Making love does not rush penetration, it involves feelings and emotions, it can consist of soft sensual music, rose petals, kissing of the entire body, and taking your time. Woman need that affection they need there bodies to be explored and made love to.

Now Sex is another thing, Sex doesn’t have to involve emotions. Sex is just an action, its penetration, getting yourself off and not really caring about the other person. Its funny when you think about it, when you’re finished having sex and you’re laying there, you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t feel wanted you don’t feel needed, you feel as though you came and did what you had to do now its time to go, or now its time to tell the person to leave. Sex can at times be erotic and sexy but it can also be an emotional killer that can cause future hurt, that rests deep inside a persons soul. I’m a very sexual person but I love making love, I’ve had enough sex, How about you?

Written by: Vincent More

WET MagazineMaking love versus having sex

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