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In the middle of her hectic day I caught up with Miss Patty of Sole Channel music as she’s putting the finishing touches on her new album scheduled to be released later this month. She shares with us how she she juggles her many titles, mom, wife, singer, songwriter and performer.

Christina: What do you do for a living?
Miss P:  I do a few things, music being one. I’m a singer-songwriter; a performer. And aside from that, I am also a hair stylist.

Christina: When did you start singing and songwriting?

Miss P:  By fifteen, I already knew that I could write songs.

Christina: How did you know?

Miss P:  It all started when I was five.  I used to dance, all the time.  Watching shows like Fame and Solid Gold…and all these dance shows.  I swore I could dance like them.  I used to jump off [of] my furniture and be real dramatic; a real dramatic dancer.  That kind’a led to singing, singing and dancing.  I just kept singing, never really thinking that I could sing.  I used to always sing…and sing…and sing, then one day, I hit a note that was always a challenge for me, […] and heard my voice and it said, “Oh shit, I can sing.” So then I just kept going for it and started to develop my voice; started to record my voice. So yeah I guess, I was really young when I was “loving” music and dance. But, it definitely started with dance. Then that, led to writing.

Christina: What is your inspiration when you prepare yourself to get on stage?

Miss P: To me to write a song, it’s about emotion, usually if there is a song there, then I kind of write around the song and whatever the mood is I kind go with it. I don’t like to follow rules, but I did for a while to get the experience. To be able to work with different people you have to be flexible, so I learned a lot. But for inspiration…life lessons are one of my inspirations and then it’s about the music itself.   On stage it’s really about sharing my art, it’s about sharing what I have. I hope that I can inspire people by doing what I do. I can be a really great performer if I had the right choreography, but my main focus right now is going out there and really singing my ass off.

Christina: Who are your influences, past and present?

Miss P: I like Rhiana, a lot. I like Peven Everett…uhm…there’s so many that I have to go back. Like James Brown, Michael Jackson…Oh my god! I can’t believe Lou Reed [and] Teena Marie. [Teena] was the one that really influenced me to sing before I even knew it. Uhm, some of the other ones? I mean, disco music was really big for me, too. I mean, Donna Summer, Diana Ross…it was really more about the music. More so than the actual artist; it was the music itself.

Christina: Tell me about your family.

Miss P:  Mom & Dad, they are still married and alive. I have an older sister and brother. They are all professional workers, work in offices, they do the corporate thing. My dad kind of wanted me to do that. I’d rather hustle for what I am doing now and just be happy.  I am married [to Victor] and I have two kids. My son’s name is Luis, he’s fifteen years old and Soleila is two. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and now I live in Staten Island.

Christina: How do you do it all?  How do you set your priorities?

Miss P:  Well, Family First. Family is always first and then comes work; then comes household, then comes me. But at the same time “me”
comes first; because that’s what I want.  Because I want family first, because I want my work to come later, because I want to please myself — and my family. It’s because this is what I want [for myself] and I love hair. And I love doing music. But if I had to choose [just] one, I’d give up hair — not music.

Christina:  Even if it’s a bigger hustle?

Miss P: It’s all a hustle.

Christina: What is the biggest challenge?

Miss P:  The upkeep of the house and taking care of kids.

Christina:  I am sure they are a handful.

Miss P:  (laughs) [The kids] are both at different stages. The good thing is that my son is very helpful with my daughter and when Victor is not around, [Luis] is there to help.

Christina: What is the your most favorite part?

Miss P:  Seeing [that] everything comes out good, successful I like feeling like I’ve done my job. If I didn’t have my kids, then it wouldn’t be the same. It’s very hard, and I look and try to see my life without my family — it’s just not happening.

Christina: Have your children seen you on stage?

Miss P:  My son has. He likes it. He’s been watching me since he was little. He’s been like — my little fan. He even said I had a good voice for rapping. I was like, “Oh, thank you.”

Christina: What do they think about Mommy and Daddy working together?

Miss P:  My Son is definitely well aware of how it goes in this house and what we do in this house, which is different from my brother and sister’s household. My Daughter is learning that she…likes being in the studio while we work. She likes running around. It’s nice knowing that she likes being there because there are times that she has to be there. So, I am just glad that she is happy. If she’s happy, I’m happy.

Christina: How would you explain your music?

Miss P:  My music is personal. It’s honest, because it comes out of a lot of life’s experiences. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s rock, country, disco, house and R&B.  I basically go anywhere and everywhere. And I am even looking into tapping into some punk, because I know I can swing it. So you know…who knows what’s to come in the future? My true love is house music — all the way. But, I feel vocally I do really well with…you know…with R&B and Rap.

Christina: What was your motivation to put this album together?

Miss P:  I love to do so many different types of music, so if I wanted to share my music, the only way to do that was to put an album together. In the album I was able to produce some of my own songs and write all my songs and collaborate with people who do rap, rock or people that do straight up house music or Latin music. To put all of that together in an album it has to be as a whole. It can’t just be one song here, one song there. It had to be an album so [that] people can, kind of, get it — and get me.

Christina: What kind of person is “the type to be into it?” Who would buy this album?

Miss P:  I think anyone who likes Hip Hop or R&B or House music, and especially the House-Heads, because the House-Heads tend to really appreciate all different types of music more.

Christina: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Miss P: That’s a good question, actually. It’s very unpredictable. I will definitely still do music, maybe owning my own business and become an entrepreneur.  I’d love to travel and even DJ again.

Christina: What’s the name of the album?

Miss P: The Intro.

Christina:  Where did the name come from?

Miss P:  It’s an “intro” to all that I do. To the different types of music. To my writing. To producing. To editing. To all aspects of the music…I feel like I am still getting my feet wet. I feel like I am still growing and I haven’t really blossomed yet. I have always been a late bloomer and feel that this is what [I do]. That is…so people know me. But they really haven’t seen what I can do and I think this album is really showing them something [about] what I can [really] do.

Christina: When is your album set to drop?

Miss P:  Mid-April 2011.

I’d rather die trying than give up.  ~ Miss P

Production Works: Miss P, ReelSoul, Mr. V, Dave Sampson

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Production Works: Miss P, ReelSoul, Mr. V, Dave Sampson

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