Interview with Jason Goodrich

I received an email on Facebook from a friend of Jason recommending him for the magazine.  I quickly took a look at the pictures posted on his page and gave him a firm two thumbs up!!  After our first conversation over the phone I could tell he was bright but when we met for his

WET MagazineInterview with Jason Goodrich
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Interview with Dustin Helton

You may have caught a glimpse of our June Cover Model Dustin Helton from a few T.V. commercials or from Mexican singer and bombshell “Lucero’s” Music video and we had the honor of meeting and working with him fresh off his Miami filming of her video. Besides his amazing smile and hot to death body, what pulls you in and entices you about Dustin is his amazing sense of humor and you can see exactly what I mean in his interview.  But don’t be fooled by that cute smile because underneath it all lies.

WET MagazineInterview with Dustin Helton
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Roberto Castellanos


Name: Roberto

Age: 21

Sexual Preference: Women

Occupation: Student & After School Care Counselor

Height: 5’11

Marital Status:  Single

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Nationality: Cuban

Biggest turn on: A beautiful smile, beautiful eyes and confidence

Biggest turn off: An overly self conscious girl

Fun Fact: I speak Italian fluently

Interests/Hobby: Languages, Italian, playing guitar, playing Rugby and Soccer

Life motto: What a life! We’re living here on borrowed time, and life’s what happens in between the planning and the schemes. So live it up!

WET MagazineRoberto Castellanos
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Syd Brisbane

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Ivette Russo Name: Syd Brisbane Age: 24 Sexual Preference:  Women Occupation: Fitness Advisor Height: 6’0 Relationship Status: Single Astrological Sign: Virgo Nationality: Mixed Biggest turn on: Heels and Eyes Biggest turn off: Bad Breath Interests/Hobby:  Sports, Traveling, Art and Music Life motto:  “Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the

WET MagazineSyd Brisbane
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Dustin Helton

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Ivette Russo Name: Dustin Helton Age: Wouldn’t you Like to Know! Or…. Legal Sexual Preference: Women (but not women who used to be men) Occupation: Actor, Model, co-owner of Crawdaddy Productions, Sole Proprietor Height: 6’0 (6’4 with my hair blown out) Relationship Status: Single for the first time in 6 years Astrological Sign:

WET MagazineDustin Helton
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Jae White

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Amanda Paige Name: Jae White Age: 30 – Something Sexual Preference: Females Occupation: Fitness Model, Actor and Personal Trainer Height: 6′ 3 Relationship Status: Single Astrological Sign: Leo Nationality: Mixed Biggest turn on: Eyes, healthy skin & hair, pretty teeth, a smile that lites up the room  and the essence of a womens

WET MagazineJae White
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Peter Helmers

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Ivette Russo Name: Peter Helmers Age:  23 Sexual Preference:  Straight Occupation:  Student Height: 6’1″ Relationship Status:  Single Astrological Sign:  Cancer Nationality:  Norwegian Biggest turn on:  Open-mindness, positivity, creativity and independence Biggest turn off: Negativity, closed minded people and complaints Fun Fact: I`m extremely unpredictable, you never know my next move or my next

WET MagazinePeter Helmers
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