Interview with Jason Goodrich

I received an email on Facebook from a friend of Jason recommending him for the magazine.  I quickly took a look at the pictures posted on his page and gave him a firm two thumbs up!!  After our first conversation over the phone I could tell he was bright but when we met for his

WET MagazineInterview with Jason Goodrich
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Interview with Dustin Helton

You may have caught a glimpse of our June Cover Model Dustin Helton from a few T.V. commercials or from Mexican singer and bombshell “Lucero’s” Music video and we had the honor of meeting and working with him fresh off his Miami filming of her video. Besides his amazing smile and hot to death body, what pulls you in and entices you about Dustin is his amazing sense of humor and you can see exactly what I mean in his interview.  But don’t be fooled by that cute smile because underneath it all lies.

WET MagazineInterview with Dustin Helton
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Interview with Richard LeCoin

If you find yourself staring at Richard LeCoin’s images longer than you expected, you’re not alone. It’s okay to stare. What you’re looking at in front of you is a ripened form of a man, and WET magazine’s first ever cover model, as voted by you! And what WET readers love about Richard, surpasses the

WET MagazineInterview with Richard LeCoin
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