Roberto Castellanos


Name: Roberto

Age: 21

Sexual Preference: Women

Occupation: Student & After School Care Counselor

Height: 5’11

Marital Status:  Single

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Nationality: Cuban

Biggest turn on: A beautiful smile, beautiful eyes and confidence

Biggest turn off: An overly self conscious girl

Fun Fact: I speak Italian fluently

Interests/Hobby: Languages, Italian, playing guitar, playing Rugby and Soccer

Life motto: What a life! We’re living here on borrowed time, and life’s what happens in between the planning and the schemes. So live it up!

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Syd Brisbane

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Ivette Russo Name: Syd Brisbane Age: 24 Sexual Preference:  Women Occupation: Fitness Advisor Height: 6’0 Relationship Status: Single Astrological Sign: Virgo Nationality: Mixed Biggest turn on: Heels and Eyes Biggest turn off: Bad Breath Interests/Hobby:  Sports, Traveling, Art and Music Life motto:  “Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the

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Dustin Helton

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Ivette Russo Name: Dustin Helton Age: Wouldn’t you Like to Know! Or…. Legal Sexual Preference: Women (but not women who used to be men) Occupation: Actor, Model, co-owner of Crawdaddy Productions, Sole Proprietor Height: 6’0 (6’4 with my hair blown out) Relationship Status: Single for the first time in 6 years Astrological Sign:

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Jae White

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Amanda Paige Name: Jae White Age: 30 – Something Sexual Preference: Females Occupation: Fitness Model, Actor and Personal Trainer Height: 6′ 3 Relationship Status: Single Astrological Sign: Leo Nationality: Mixed Biggest turn on: Eyes, healthy skin & hair, pretty teeth, a smile that lites up the room  and the essence of a womens

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Peter Helmers

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Ivette Russo Name: Peter Helmers Age:  23 Sexual Preference:  Straight Occupation:  Student Height: 6’1″ Relationship Status:  Single Astrological Sign:  Cancer Nationality:  Norwegian Biggest turn on:  Open-mindness, positivity, creativity and independence Biggest turn off: Negativity, closed minded people and complaints Fun Fact: I`m extremely unpredictable, you never know my next move or my next

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David Sanchez

Name: David Sanchez Age: 23 Occupation: Graphic Designer/Guitar Player Height: 6’2 Marital Status: Single Astrological Sign: Gemini Nationality: Hispanic Biggest turn on: Personality Biggest turn off: Bad Teeth Fun Fact: I eat Pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturdays Interests/Hobby:  Working Out, Guitar, Piano, Cosmology, Chemistry, Technology, Sleeping Life motto: Imagination is more important

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Anthony Moore

Name: G. Anthony Moore Age: 26 Occupation: Model/Entrepreneur Height: 6’3 Marital Status: Single Astrological Sign: Aquarius Nationality: Bahamian-Cherokee Indian Biggest turn on: Beautiful Women who are Independent and maintain good health Biggest turn off: Beautiful & Ugly Women with bad attitudes Fun Fact: I love to go fishing & hunting up in the Tennessee mountains

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