Who is in Control? The Power of Attraction

The ability to attract another human is not unique to our species. All animals engage in mating rituals in order to attract a partner and produce offspring. Therefore, underneath our attraction towards beautiful people, there may be an evolutionary reason. What is unique to our species though is the extent to which our society grants untold powers to the ideal of physical beauty or attractiveness.

WET MagazineWho is in Control? The Power of Attraction
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The Great Mystery of Food


Jason D. Goodrich “The Fitness Dude”

For most people, the battle for optimal health and well being seems to be a never-ending saga of minimal success followed by frustration. True health is something unseen. Unfortunately, in this day and age, we become driven by visual cues. To put it bluntly, we all want to “look” good! Well ladies, you can look and feel great — with a basic understanding of the food you eat and its effect on the body.  Weight training, yoga and cardiovascular training, like other disciplines, are avenues to strengthening and toning our physiques. The real key to overall health is food! Without using too much scientific verbiage, I’m going to try and keep things simple.

WET MagazineThe Great Mystery of Food
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Mr. V

One of the best DJ’s to come out of the New York City area, Mr. V, also known as Victor Font, discusses his take on beginnings, life and music! He’s a cool, laid-back, Puerto Rican kid from Manhattan’s L.E.S. (Lower East Side) who’s established himself as a legendary DJ and producer. His music is heard, and remains in high demand, the world over. Wherever he’s playing — from England to Indonesia, Italy to Dubai, or even my very own home town of Miami, Mr. V – spins at the hottest parties. In 2001 he and his partner, Alix Alvarez, launched their own record label Sole Channel Music. And in 2006, they later released their very first album titled, “Welcome Home.”

WET MagazineMr. V
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