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Hello – my name is Jolie Glassman

I was born in LA & grew up here in South Florida. I have been in the fitness industry since I was 15 years old (so over 20 years). I started out working in gyms & I taught aerobics (step, group, spinning) & was a personal trainer all through college. I graduated with a BS in Education & minors in Art History, Religion & Philosophy & a Masters Degree in Behavior Modification.

I was a school teacher in Dade County for 7 years in which I taught primarily English & Language Arts to “at-risk” youth in the inner cities (I always worked with behavior problems) & at the same time I continued to teach fitness (personal training & group instruction) here in South Florida all through my teaching career, after school. I’ve studied behavior, psychology & the metaphysical extensively. I taught elementary, middle school, high school (English & Math) & for about 3 of the 7 years I taught in lock down facilities, detention centers, prisons & other Outreach facilities.

I met my ex-husband in 1998 & at the end of that year we opened South Florida Boxing – South Beach. My ex wanted to open more gyms so I took control of the South Beach location while he went on to open other facilities in Pembroke Pines & Aventura. I got really into the sport of boxing & became certified as an amateur judge, referee & trainer. I also taught boxing & kickboxing (Muay Thai). I’ve worked with many professional fighters & athletes & people of all ages.

I also created, ran and taught an inner city program for teenagers (got a grant for this) & I called it “6 Rounds to Success”. I had about 30 kids (12-18 year olds) every 6 months that were “at-risk” youth in the NMB area who came to me & I taught them boxing, kickboxing, weight training, diet & nutrition & also life skills & I bridged the gap back to the schools & created lines of communication between myself & their teachers. I know the PAL (Police Athletic League) allows kids to come & box & train after school but they don’t monitor or consider how they’re doing in school.

In my program that I created -“6 Rounds to Success” I had behavior / homework charts that the 30 kids would bring around to all their teachers to complete each day in which they’d get a 1-5 score & there was also a comment section. If they didn’t get 4’s or 5’s & if they weren’t attending school 95% of the time – then they couldn’t participate in my program. It worked out great & we ran it for about 2 years (about 4 terms). I’m now creating a similar program with the City of Miami Beach & having the Miami Beach PAL boxing programs operate out of my South Beach, South Florida Boxing gym location (a kids’ boxing program everyday after school from 4:15-5:15 in which the kids will learn to box, get in shape, lose weight & those that take an interest in taking it further we will have an amateur team for them to join & then tournaments for them to compete in as well).

After I got divorced in 2007, I got heavily involved in Landmark Education & went through all their programs & became an Introduction Leader (I led the introductions to their programs) for Landmark Education. I then went on to do several Tony Robbins workshops & 2 different professional life coaching certifications & I became a certified, professional, life coach & my company was called Revamp (Revamp Your Life, Inc.). I really loved that & I consider myself a teacher / life coach always. Now I have my South Beach gym (South Florida Boxing) back after not being in it for 2.5 years & I’m “Revamping” that now.

I love being in the fitness industry & owning my own gym. People come to me to get in shape & lose weight & they end up getting so much more at South Florida Boxing. It’s a real gym with real people, who have real fun & have real results. I target people who are sick of regular gyms & don’t see the results they want – they come to South Florida Boxing for “fighting fitness” & to have a blast. We put people through the training of a fighter – we train people like how fighters train. It’s very intense training geared toward building strength & it’s all about strength & power. The more you’re able to do the more you do & the better & more confident you feel. Strength is power & you get that at South Florida Boxing & to me – FUN IS KEY & you get to come workout, get strong, see results & have a blast & learn fighting / self-defense techniques all at the same time.

I’m the youngest of 3 girls & I have 2 adorable dogs that are my children. I love to have fun, workout, travel, teach & most of all – be with people. I love to inspire & motivate people & get them to see how great they really are & the contribution that they are to the world. What I’m committed to in life, & in everything I do, is being an access to transformation for anyone I encounter. I love being a contribution to people & making a difference in their lives every day. I really love to bring out the best in people. I always said “you can lead a horse to water & it’s my job to make them want to drink it.” That’s why I love being a teacher, fitness trainer, life coach, motivational coach……gym owner.

My life coaching company is called REVAMP Your Life Coaching – it’s Fundamentals for an Independent Lifestyle (making it all work & happen for you). What people do is answer a questionnaire as to what they want; their goals (diet, exercise, career, relationships….life in general) & then I fit what’s necessary into their life rather than fit their life into what’s necessary & it’s tailor made for the individual not like most plans that are released for the masses. lt’s all about whatever works for the individual & then I give practical & applicable ways to accomplish the goals. I’m also a motivational coach & I get you to see what’s possible that you never knew could be. I’m all about empowering the individual to be totally independent, powerful, positive, motivated, intentional & constantly in action. My clients have access to coaching at their fingertips whenever needed @

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make a difference.

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