Tanner Accord

Photography by:  Coco Zsa Zsa

Name:  Tanner Acord

Age: 25

Sexual Preference: Straight

Occupation: Host (Music & Entertainment, Award shows & Red Carpet) Brand Ambassador

Height: 6ft.

Relationship Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Nationality: Scottish/ German

Biggest turn on: Eyes and lips.  A woman can do a lot with just their eyes and a single look.  Not only just the color but how they can say so much with just HOW they look at you.

Biggest turn off:  Doesn’t know how to fill their own tank of gas in their car or iron their own cloths.  Clingy too. I like to have my space and time to chill with others or myself. I trust you, go out have some fun with your friends, I’ll be here when you get back and vice versa.

Fun Fact: Born and Raised in Texas. Still have the Southern charm and accent that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of. I always say “Y’all” and that’s probably the biggest give away.

Life motto: My life is perfect even when it’s not.

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