Incorporating accessories may be an essential element to any attire. Keep in mind, over-accessorizing may break or make your outfit. Simplicity is key when putting together an outlandish ensemble. Fashion Legend, Coco Channel stated, “It’s the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.”

Scarves are an accessory many tend to overlook. They are a timeless piece that have been a trend for decades and have been worn in various ways. In recent years, we have witnessed scarves re-emerge in fashion, deeming them to be a chic and playful addition to any look. Celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba and even First Lady, Michelle Obama, all integrate scarves in their wardrobe.

Innovative designer, Brinley Lardiere has initiated a line of scarves emanated from her father, Geoffrey Lardiere’s lavish art collection. His eccentric paintings inspired Brinley to create a line of bold, vivid, silk scarves. She has incorporated his artwork into a wearable garment that portrays joy and life. Each scarf is uniquely designed to embody the confident modern-day woman. Brinley Lardiere’s fashionable scarves are undeniably a pivotal accessory to compliment and enhance your style!

Written by Edwin Ramos

Lardiere Collection Bio

LARDIERE merges art with fashion to celebrate the color and playfulness of life through high-impact prints. Lardiere is the vision of father and daughter, artist and designer, Geoffrey and Brinley Lardiere. With a natural sense of visual aesthetics, this collaboration grew from a desire to expand the artwork of established artist Geoffrey Lardiere onto clothing and accessories for the vibrant, confident woman. By bringing art to life, Geoffrey’s work can be enjoyed in a broader sense and travel on a journey beyond museum walls, a collector’s home or one of his many Art in Public Places installations.

The idea transpired from both Brinley’s love of fashion and both of their design backgrounds. Coming from a family of sixth generation Floridians, and Florida’s former oldest banking family, entrepreneurship seems to run in their blood. Much of their inspiration was drawn from the joyful colors reflected from the natural beauty of waters, sky, and sunshine after spending much time at the family’s beach house in Florida and summers in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. The vision was to create a wearable and attainable luxury brand that encompassed their values of celebrating life in a vivacious fashion. Their hope is for these timeless pieces to be passed on from generation to generation as a symbol of casual elegance.

The brand kicks off with a collection of silk scarves, each derived from an original painting, and will be bringing you dresses, handbags, swimwear, and an entire line of limited edition art to wear in the years to come. For now, fall in love with our colorful scarves, ideal for taking you from boat to shore, at home or abroad- as a neck scarf, head scarf, cover-up, or purse highlight. As you journey through life, always be sure to carry the beautiful with you.

Visit website at: www.lardiere.com/fashion

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