You don’t necessarily have to be single to be alone on Valentine’s Day, maybe your husband or boyfriend is away, or you’re in a long distance relationship. Whatever the situation might be I suggest we ladies get a little naughtier this year and let loose. Don’t be afraid to get wet, try something new with our alone time. Buy yourself a special Toyfriend !  To help you get inspired here are some of my personal favorites.

Hidden Pleasures Lipstick Vibrator

Here is a lipstick that goes very well with any skin tone the Hidden Pleasures Lipstick Vibrator.  I don’t have a problem with random bag checks at the train station or airport security because this vibrator looks just like your average lipstick. Made of hard plastic, cost about $15, 3″ long, 1 AAA battery, multi speed settings, and waterproof.  This little wonder is a must in a cosmetic bag. Whenever I carry this around I find myself going to the ladies room more frequently to touchup my makeup. I simply twist the bottom to adjust the speed and apply where necessary; you know a girls got to have a healthy glow at all times.


I was looking into getting a tongue vibrator when I came across this the Sqweel with its 10 tongues I was sold!  The tongues are made of velvety soft silicone just apply lots of lube and get ready to sqweel!  It’s much more than what I expected it feels just like a real tongue.  Runs on 3 AAA batteries and has 3 speed settings. I start off with the slow and work your way on to fast.  It opens up and the wheel comes off making it an easy toy to keep clean. The Sqweel retails for under $59 and now they sell separate wheels, the Sqweelers are about $15 each.  You just pop it open and change the wheel to 3 other completely different functions. The Pearl sqweeler has a firmer surface with dozens of raised pearls that will give you the feeling of a pierced tongue going down on you. The Wave sqweeler is so different, feels as if you had a tongue licking you on both sides of your clit a very different sensation. The Tingle sqweeler is the softest of all it gives you a gentle tingling sensation as it spins against your clit.  The sqweel’s discreet case makes it great for tossing into your handbag no one will notice you carry a little extra company with you.

Anal Beads

Get ready to go thru the backdoor with a string of jelly anal beads on hand the sensation felt is simply amazing. If you have ever been curious to try out anal beads these are great for amateurs.  The string starts off small and gradually the beads begin to get larger and have a ring to pull in and out as needed.  Make sure your relaxed and have lots of lube on the beads.  A thicker lube is best for beads it won’t slide off the toy so easily.  Go nice and slow eventually you will want to do it faster maybe even upgrade to larger beads.  There are many different beads to choose from, but I find that beads on a soft jelly string like these are much easier to clean than the kind that are tied onto nylon cords. They also range in prices this particular one cost under $10. Find a comfortable, private place to play I like the shower the feeling of some warm soapy water running down my back is very soothing and the perfect play time.

Thrusting Jenna Jameson Vibrator

On one of many trips down to the erotic shops on west 4th St. in NYC I set my eyes on a beautiful bright red vibrator it was the Jenna Jameson thrusting vibrator. This soft jelly toyfriend with its nicely shaped penis head stands tall at nearly 12”. Works on 4 AA batteries so it’s got power !  This essential partner can cost you about $129. Equipped with functions like  clitoral stimulation,  up / down thrusting , a twisting shaft that does a forward / reverse motion  it truly does it all and surely wont fail at getting you off multiple times and then some. Really I’m glad someone invented this piece of goodness for some of us ladies sometimes it’s as close as we can get to the real deal. You will want to take this everywhere beware this toy is not waterproof!!   The thrusting vibrator is an experience definitely worth tying out anyone who has ever turned it on for the 1st time the reaction is usually the same “OH WOW “. Play DJ with the controls, mix up the functions, replay as many times as you wish see what great sounds you CUM up with.

Ben Wa Beads

Ben Wa Beads are sold as a pair and are made of a few different materials like metal, plastic, glass , latex , and even jade so they can cost anywhere from $5-$20 I have a metal set and they cost $10. Sizes vary starting at about the size of a marble and up to about an 1″ in diameter. These beads will add much excitement to your pelvic exercises while also making you sexually aroused as these are floating inside of you.  Walk around, sit on your favorite rocking chair or lay down. Tighten and release your vaginal muscles pushing them out and then putting them back inside this is how you keep your vaginal muscles strong. If trying them for the first time you should start with the marble sized and lightest weights and then when more comfortable and experienced move onto heavier or larger sets. These truly “do a body good” keeping your vagina happy and fit.

I Hope that in sharing my experience and a little of my collection I have managed to get your juices flowing and inspired you to really  spice up not just Valentine’s but any day, night or midday. Stay HAPPY ladies and ALWAYS enjoy yourselves.

Written by Alba Lopez

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